Getting Organized

To make things easier on you and your loved ones, put together a notebook with important information and let your family know where it is kept. The book should include copies of:

  • Burial or funeral instructions
  • Healthcare power of attorney and living will
  • Financial power of attorney
  • Last Will and Testament and your tangible personal property memorandum
  • Revocable Trust and any other trust in which you have an interest
  • A list of your life insurance policies
  • A list of your bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, and bonds
  • Location of your safe deposit box and location of key, AND location of home safe and location of combination
  • Deeds to any real property owned
  • A list of your advisors and their phone numbers, including your attorney, CPA, financial planner or broker, and insurance agent
  • Here is a worksheet to get you started. Estate Planning Document List